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Whenever I am invited to a house, it is always easy to sum up the vibrational energy within the household.  The basic layout of a house can reveal a specific aspect of the owner and the family.  The placement of objects, the play with colours, the clustered areas – these are elements that will shape and influence within the sacred place , the soul of the house and, ultimately, to our personality, attitudes, characters, behaviour.  What is there in the house – the life that we give to each scared place, is the total sum to our psychological appearance.

Our lives and the place we occupy [be it a room, an office building, a home] are inseparable.  Therefore, it is wise that we should be more selective about what we keep, or place, in that area in order to bring greater ease and harmony to that aspect of our life.  Storing out-and-out junk in the prosperity area, for example, can create financial problems.

Tibetan geomancy is about dividing the area into nine sacred squares.  Each square resonates with specific sacred element.  In Tibetan geomancy, the sacred elements are:

01.  Prosperity/Wealth/Abundace
02.  Elders/Family/Community
03.  Knowledge/Wisdom/Self-Improvement
04.  Fame/Reputation/Illumination
05.  Health/Unity
06.  Career/Life Path/The Journey
07.  Relationship/Love/Marriage
08.  Creativity/Offspring/Projects
09.  Helpful friends/Compassion/Travel

I was a sceptic when I first started with Tibetan Geomancy.  However, after months of observation and self validation, and removing or cluttering a scared square, the results can be very alarming.  At the end of the day, I believe that every house, every room, every building – anywhere we occupy, there's a soul to it.

What we need to do is to de-cluster and amplified with an object to resonate with the soul in each sacred squares.

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There are still so many details that need to be addressed.  I realise that designing a home is tedious – there are so many areas to look into.  With Chiauw and the two of us ever so fussy to achieve high modern interior look, yet it has to be simple and cleanlined, we often go at length just to discuss one small area.

As Chiauw puts it, at the end of the day, this house must be functional, practical and there are no corners not taken care off.  What I like is her constant focus that this house must also be old-age friendly.  That sounds realistic as both of us are not far from that group and that we will be staying in this house for a long time.

Chiauw is not pushy.  She usually presents her ideas – which we clearly lack, and will go through the pros and cons.  She listens to us and accept our ideas and, often, will enhance them to blend and integrate with the architectural macro and micro details.

We have been given a list of tasks which will be discussed next week:

01.  What we want each bedroom wardrobe compartment to be used for.  At the same time, to visualise its interior layout.

02.  How I want the wire trap layout for all the wires for my computer to run.

03.  The 'wood' layout proposal – vertical/diagonal for each room.

04.  All the 'used less frequent' household items.

05.  Switches for the whole house.

The common things that we have achieved so far:

01.  Square grid of the house in line with Tibetan Geomancy.

02.  No wasted corners.  As such, the doors for MBR and Guest Room will face the Dining area – therefore, the old layout with the walkway/corrider will go.

03.  Remove the wall from Main door to Kitchen.  To lay wood flooring.  To slide-n-hide with sliding glass door.

04.  Wood for MBR, Study and Guest rooms.

05.  Black MBR toilet with white and silver accessories.

06.  Black Kitchen floor.

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The Search

After much thoughts, and lotsa discussions, we decided that our new house should fall within these few criterias:

01.  Budget

We set the price to be less than S$350K, maximum.  This will give us less financial burden for our future.  It will narrow down our search, but at least, we will have a clearer picture as to which part of Singapore we shall be concentrating.

02.  Flat Size/Lease

To be realistic with our budget – and to hold on to our goal, we look for an old block.  Newer blocks will not be cheap.  We want, rather it is me who want it, a 4 room or 5 room flat.  The unit has to be door to door and not along any corridor.

I guess after staying in Hertford for so long, it will not be easy for us to stay in a unit along a corridor with many immediate neighbours next to us.  There is nothing wrong with neighbours.  However, we are used to a quiet environment.

At the same time, I prefer to have bigger space.

A 3 rooms' flat suits our needs actually.  But I want to think ahead and to live to honour the abundance in our moment now.  It can be an alternative route for our future ahead.

We like the newer HDB designs with tall glass windows almost all throughout the house.  There is also the extra service yard where your washing machine can be away from the kitchen area.  Plus, there is the airconditioning compressor area.  Well, as much as they are nice, it is way beyond our budget.

03.  Flat Layout

As I conduct simple Tibetan Geomancy consultation, the layout of the flat must be, preferably, square or rectangle and every bagua is within the house.  This will be a challenge hunting for the ideal one.

04.  Location

After we identify our reality check, the choice for location becomes clearer.  Going along with the NEL MRT track, we identify areas that we could have possibility for viewing, and ultimately the purchase.

We can choose Sengkang or Punggol and enjoy the new flats but it is, definitely, not convenient when it comes to work proximity.  Prices in other estates, along NEL, are also not cheap based on the size flat that we are looking for.

Estates east of Singapore, like Tampines and Bedok, are out of the question.  The next possibility is looking west – this is also nearer to work but without the MRT.

Ideally, we prefer to be in central area – afterall, we are used to it for the last 20 years.

05.  The Hunt

We decide to start with Jurong East and Bukit Batok.

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