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Life, for the past three weeks, has been somewhat different.  Three weeks ago, I decided on a decision to meet someone whom I felt that I owed him a respect.  Of someone whom I had used his gift, since July, to expand my consciousness.  The transformation that I had, instantly, felt the day I started his Inner Dance.

I am glad to meet Pi Villaraza when he was in Singapore.  And, subsequently, one private session and the few other group workshops.

I am now walking through time breaking free of the bonds that tie me of fears, validation and anxieties to insufficiency and lack.  When all the external conditions remain the same – the air is there, all around and so is the vastness of consciousness that adds on another experiences of daily life, yet a subtle sense of life force springs awake.  It is a withdrawal feeling of sort.  Of a separation to dose dependent of old thoughts and actions.  Of alienation washing away deepest tensions and eliminating misunderstandings of true nature to expand with the flow of creative energy and consciousness within.

The gap between what I used to think and how I used to feel draws closer.  Inching to draw nearer synonymous immortality.  What I used to think that is outside me is now an internal consciousness.  God is no longer just an image outside my mind, body and soul but so much alive in God-consciousness in every of my cells.  When I think of joy, my heart renders an intensed energy.  When I think of love, a gush of forgiveness and acceptance radiates a healing green energy of empowerment.  Joy, inasmuch an experience of consciousness with our surrounding, capsulize the feeling into a state of mind.  Into oneness in a state of existent actuality.  In this consciousness, there is bliss and there is light in which these thoughts, feelings and sensations shine and responses happen.  So are the energy of peace.  Of love.  Of sorrow and sadness.  Of freedom.  Of earth and heaven.  My soul expands in the mastery of awareness freeing myself from the laws of form.  I have become more aware of almost every energy.  In Mahatma Gandhi's wisdom, "When I admire the wonders of a sunset, my soul expands in the worship of the creator".  The characteristics of the universe has no separation, no change of integrity nor any acts of dividing or disconnecting.  There is no beginning and end.  All that is outside is inside is outside.

Inner Dance is an ocean of laughter and crying.  Of light and darkness.  Of fire and water.  Of earth and heaven.  Of yin and yang.  Of one and oneness.  It has taken me into a higher state of alertness.  It opens all consciousness within.  I am pretty much aware of my heartbeat, my breath and most of my thoughts in my mind.  Of the events around me.  Of the people I come into contact with.  Of words.  Of actions.  I can smell the air as much as the grass.  All these scents, and sensitivities, of which I had taken them for granted suddenly seemed like a wondrous treat.  Life, and to those who knew it, is so beautiful.

I started Inner Dance on the eve of Ruby's one hundred days on June 27.  In my previous entry, Since You've Been Gone – The 100 Days, I wrote my thoughts that now have become, somewhat, the fruits of labour of a singular blend of a larger tapestry of understanding.  Of new process to connect a common question 'Why am I in this life?' and providing answers and clarity that I have been searching for.

The following excerpt, taken from that entry, gives forth a clear resonant where nothing [in life] is a coincidence.  The thought that was written rings true for synchronicity to take place.  Inner Dance accelerates the process.


I was moved to go for a healing workshop – an Inner Dance yesterday.  There was a subtle force to bring me there.  Perhaps, you had observed for all conditions to be favorable for me and opened the path to walk my life ahead significantly.  Throughout the whole session, not only that I felt the presence of light around, there was a constant voice – through the people around.  The message kept repeating from the beginning to the end of the session.

"In the pursuit of peace and the joy that we seek in life, we cannot be pulled by people who choose – either consciously or unconsciously, to drag away our growth with them.  When time had been given, with all the intention to move forward in ONE consciousness, we have to leave those that are not nested in the multidimensional realities for our next waves of energy."

Today, you are now breaking it out and put forward, carrying everything in its right path.  You are teaching me that peace of mind comes from not wanting to change others but by simply accepting them as they are.  True acceptance is always without demands and expectations.  The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white.  Neither need me to do anything but be myself.

All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.  A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.  Whatever I can do or dream I can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, magic and power in it.  Begin it now.


Inner Dance is not a dance.  There is no modus operandi about it.  Nor it is a dance owned by an individual or an institution, though respect has to be given to Pi Villaraza.  Pi is a highly realized and evolved individual who found Inner Dance.  It is a movement from within – the soul's inner energy that has been awakened.  It is a powerful healing transformational vibration of trust, hope and joy within, from Mother Earth and in the Universe. It weaves threads of pure love for us to receive and give, and healing whatever needs to be healed, restoring balance and harmony.  Inner Dance is a teacher of souls; a gift to guide us through life for its meaning ever deepening, ever expanding.

My personal experience with Inner Dance is a powerful spiritual invocation of faith and free grace.  It is a movement from within that sets my kundalini free.  The very first time I allowed this inward energy to move – fuelled an involuntary bodily movements, and to take control of my soul, I felt comforting heat moving through my lower chakras and filled throughout the fire serpent, and later redirected and refined all the way up to the crown.  The heat released some form of a blissful energy; an indescribable and wordless state of awareness of the inherent perfection and divinity in everything, including my own life.  It got to a state where thinking was not required, words and actions are spontaneous and perfect.

It was, probably, "Self Realization" unified myself with all that is and a personal development process of becoming uniquely my Self.  Of a realization to know myself and loving my own unique individuality.

Everyday, the movements engaged in Inner Dance are different.  It can be gentle and slow movements of the whole body today and yet a faster rhythmic movement the next day.  There is always a symbolic spark with each move, not only all these dances unfolding a lightness and joyful qualities overall but also of healing the soul.  The symbolism goes further with time.  Where there is a need for healing, within the body, the movements are directed towards that area intensively.  Consciously, as these movements are engaged, without the limits and instructions of the analytical mind, it eases the different aspects of life within.  All of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are delicately healed to the subtleties with Inner Dance movements.

There is always the magical involuntarily movement.  It is guided from a higher consciousness with great intelligence and wisdom.  These movements cannot be directed.  I have been experimenting a mechanism to move my hand, or my body, in a certain position but it often directs me otherwise.  The inner energy, from the dance, magnetizes a very uplifting effect on my whole body, mind and nature with great liberating healing effect.  It awakens a divine spark within us.

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