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In gratitude to Archangel Jeremiah (see note below)

Just take a moment to allow our mind to think.
Asmuchas I often believe that thinking is a burden, that we should not allow ourselves to be trivial over petty things nor should we fret on small stuffs,  let's take this moment to reflect on all our needs.  Let's take this moment to conceptualize how they (can) come to materialize.

Let's find an understanding to how all the logical validity and our novel ideas and solutions can just happen, without having to struggle, right in front of us.  That, whatever we are looking or wondering and for all the answers that we hope to get, and have waited for, could be easily found.  That, we can find a simpler understanding with the dynamic quantum in the language of the Universe.  To the language, just like in the metaphorical saying of the Butterfly Effect, with all the answers readily available.

What the mind wants, the heart desires and it is said that the Universe will conspire.  We are all that is and all that will ever be.  We are the infinite light that creates all that is in this infinite Universe.  Everything starts with a thought and the base upon what we think is how things manifest.  We act what we think about.

A simple concept as this, however, does not bring about transparency nor an emotional and mental satisfaction.  What we often want is the validation for the answers to what we think – something to be gained and not loss; something good and not evil; something of success and not failure.  Generally, we want to avoid the feeling of restlessness and not groping in the dark and not regret the next actions and reactions .  We do not want to get tangled in spider webs nor letting our energetic vibrations to be disconnected from the higher self.

Humans are created to think.  Ironically, we cannot easily get to consign the thought process and move on.  We can only be able to move on in relative peace to the next phase until that thinking process has established the soundness in the answers and they are proven valid.

All throughout my life, I wonder about the real meaning 'A blessed life'.  When someone meets his goal, does that mean he is blessed?  When someone can afford luxuries, does that mean he is blessed?  When someone is calm and full of peace, is he blessed?  Then, there are those born with special gifts and the new breed of children with different auric colors.  Are these groups blessed?  Wikipedia defines blessing "the infusion of something with holiness, divine will, or one's hope or approval".

I have come to think that blessing is a two-way thing with many folds.  It carries a divine power with every bits of wisdom, intelligence, love and values.  It determines the characteristics of our personality and the soul creates a personality from those parts of itself that it wants to heal. 

We often make remarks that when an individual has reached an accomplished life journey with fulfilling results, he is blessed.  But this blessing will only be temporary if he does not lend to recognize the process.   For it to scale higher, it has to be connected (and not to discord) with gratitude and of love and knowledge.  The seat of the soul will only be enlightened when one does not forget at the result from his being.  Blessing is about getting it from where it deserves to how it comes about and then the propagation to pass on.

I grew up struggling with an awakening heart to find the being of light in myself.  I always have had the desire to search for meaning and purpose in life.  Guess, I have always been an individual caught in my own self-created lonesome environment.  Yesterday, a friend commented that I am much a loner despite my loud voice and laughter.  He is right as I often feel lost in a crowd.  I can be a loner if I want to.  It really is just a queer part of me.

I grew up a crying baby, often crying at everything and anything that made me sad – a sad song, a sad movie, a sad story or even for a friend whom felt sad.  I often cried for my parents who had to work so hard and sacrificed their lives for me.  I cried at losing my sisters when they got married.   I cried for my school grades and those off my classmate.  I cried for my inexpensive school bags and my sisters' and the used textbooks handed down to us.  I cried for the meals that I was forced to take and not those popular fast food I wished to have.  I cried at beggars trying hard to earn some monies.  I cried when a loved one going for business trip for just a couple of days.

As a growing young kid, and like any other growing children, I too had a desired rate of expectations.  But those tears are not about self pity.  Those are not tears of feeling sorrow over sufferings.  Mostly, I felt sad at the condition and quality to why they happened – to me, to them.  At how a value determined a spirit.  Often, I prayed for the Universe to release and lessen the pains of my bleeding heart.  For purpose.  For meaning.  For acceptance.

It reminded me of a book by Morgan Scott Peck, "The Road Less Traveled".  I grew up traveling in time and spending almost my school life, for such a young growing kid, in Botanic Gardens alone.  For good few years, after finding good and valid excuses to my parents, I would be heading there after school as early when I was 15 years old.  It was something I looked forward to do everyday after school.  Botanic Gardens was my refuge, my secret sanctuary.  I studied alone and would do my school homeworks there but, importantly, I felt great joy in such solitude.  There was so much joy, and intensified internal peace, in just thinking and in unity of one with Mother Nature.  The trees and the leaves and the flowers, the birds and the ants, the blue skies and the white clouds, the winds, the rains .. slowly, they became my friends.

Perhaps, those growing years – as Peck mentioned in his book, were about my evolution.  That "God wants us to become Himself (or Herself or Itself).  We are growing toward God.  God is the goal of evolution."  In those years of solitary silence, I was blessed to learn the language of the universe; the language of God.

Written by Osho:

.. then a language is needed, a language which is universal and not local to humanity.

Feeling is that language. Greek or Arabic or Sanskrit won't do. No language originating in the mind is divine language. No, the divine language originated in the heart. Feeling is the language.

If you start really feeling, and your heart starts really throbbing with feeling, you can ask a tree, and a tree is always ready to reveal its secret. You can ask a bird, and the bird is ready to reveal its secret. You can ask existence, and existence is ready to reveal its heart.

Many of us live life asking 'why?' to anything and everything.  We create endless doubts to every answers.  We go on asking questions on a question.  We can never be fully satisfied with simplicity of truths.  The Universe, matter-of-fact God, communicates with us every time we seek for answers.  Every time we have questions.  It is just a matter of knowing.  It is just a matter of consciousness in our awareness.  All that we need to do is to raise our vibrations and elevate the density of self.

Everything is some type of energy and everything vibrates at some frequency.  We are endowed with our five senses that have already been programmed with highly specialized sensors to translate the vibratory world into our physical world.  Our eyes translate visual vibrations into the world we see.  Our ears translate auditory vibrations into that which we hear.  Our touches synch with the kinesthetic vibrations into emotional intelligence.  Our nose with its olfactory vibrations into what we smell.  Our taste processes the gustatory vibrations and so on.

We are connected in this way to everyone and everything else in the Universe.  We, and all the nature around us, are vibrational transmitters and receivers constantly exchanging vibes with the vibratory world around us.

** When we hear someone asking 'Do you miss so-and-so?', the question is encoded within that someone missing another.

** When we see an imprinted word and immediately felt jolted, say a name "Miss X", we flip at some occurrence of events that will happen at the near future.

** When our hearts are feeling heavy and the radio is playing exactly the right song.

** When we lost the passing of a loved one and the rain just showers down becoming different in essence.

** When we want a story of our life to be told at a particular time, a page from the book we pick out of the shelf describes it all.

It is the butterfly effect.  Answers to all our questions are all around us.  We just have to reach out.  We are light and love of the almighty infinite light that is commonly referred to as God.  The only difference is the density of self in our frequency and vibrations.  

How we feel emotionally reflects our current vibratory state.  The subtle energies that make up our auric fields constantly sending out and receiving waves of intelligent energy over a universal network of energy fields.  All the entirety of space and time, and all the forms of matter and energy work together.

This is the gift to us from the Universe, or God, to live life simpler only when we take our time to understand the language.

Last Thursday, 6th of May at about 9 p.m. (Japan time), I was rewarded with a brief spiritual visit.  Strange as it is, I am thankful for the eventful greetings.  Perhaps, it has to do with the energetic fields and vibrations around the area.  I was in Lake Toya, Hokkaido – a lake that never freezes even in winter when the temperature falls drastically.  Lake Toya lies 200 to 500 metres below the outer rim of the crater.  The active volcano that stands proudly near the lake with white smoke rising above it is Mount Showa Shinzan.  The volcano was elevated when the ground cracked during a huge eartquake in 1943.

While I tried to brave myself, walking out of the hotel in the cold towards the lake, a white light appeared right before me.  There was a sense of peace within but still I was apprehensive.  Though the messages that were given still puzzled me, today I am still wrapped with joy to be greeted by Archangel Jeremiah

I knew nothing about such an angel till I googled and found out that Archangel Jeremiah is an angel of heart and emotions to help humankind to let go of anger, bitterness which would otherwise cloud our experience of the light.  She is an angel to ease our pains.

Her message will be remembered ..

"You are loved.  You are cared.  Be careful, you'll get hurt."

For now, I may not fully understand nor conceptualize it.  Nor could I place her loving message in a bigger picture.  Yes, I am not going to think much.  Yes, I am not going to dissect it too much.  What is important is the gift of light.  I feel blessed.

That night, few of us won some lucky draws.
That night, I had a very good conversation with another angelic being.

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